Faux & Decorative Painting

When you really want that unique treatment to compliment your interior design, we are able to provide special decorative finishing and faux painting. Our faux finishing projects are completely customized to create the exact look you are imagining. Looking for an artistic window open to the hills of Tuscany or to a bright garden patio? It’s possible. Just take a look through all the samples below and you will quickly learn that when it comes to unique decorative painting, murals and faux finishes, the sky is the limit.


Impact Painting Services can integrate these custom faux treatments into your complete interior plan. You may have need of quality painting, cabinet refinishing and deco treatments all in the same home. That is just where we shine the best. Our expertise covers virtually any area of interior finishing, so we are your natural choice.


Techniques include:

Striping, Venetian Plaster, Polished Plaster, Shimmer Stone, Stenciling, 2-D, 3-D, Custom Hand Cut Stencils, Lettering, Antiquing, Softly Rubbed Glaze, Ragging On and Off, Sponging, Stripe, Dragging, French Glaze, Stippling, Suede Texture Paint, Brushed Effects and Mixes, Faux Stone (Marble, Granite, Lime Stone), Faux Wood, Faux Metal, Stucco, Linen, Denim, Raw Silk, Cheese Cloth, Tissue Paper, Combing and Crackle.

Walls, ceilings, furniture, mantles, trim, columns, floors and windows all can become a part of the canvas that will become your new and beautiful home interior. These decorative improvements find a place in offices and workspaces too, so businesses can utilize the beauty & elegance of a faux finish, or mural. Contact us to find out more about our commercial painting services, which can include faux finishes and more!

Our artist will accompany us to your home for a complimentary session to discuss your ideas. Colors and techniques will be discussed and a quote will be prepared for your fully custom work. The quote may be combined with other work or may be presented separately for your consideration.

Once we agree on the project, sample boards and sketches will be prepared and left with you to view. We encourage viewing the samples in different lighting conditions to help you decide on the sample that you want to proceed with. The artist will then work in your home to complete the project in a timely manner.

Contact us today…. to find out more about our faux finishes services. We can help create an amazing masterpiece!

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