Wallpapered Walls

Let us do the dirty work!


A new wall should be fully cured and primed, painted walls are sanded smooth, and all cracks will be filled to complete wallpapering preparation. When replacing old wallpaper, proper wallpaper removal techniques are used depending on the type of existing wall-coverings. Wallpaper removal can be messy, so we always take precautions to cover floors, counters, appliances, and any exposed areas.

Once wallpaper and adhesive residue is removed using moisture or chemical agents, the wall should be sanded smooth, patched as necessary and primed with a wallpapering primer for proper adhesion. Strippable wallpaper is more easily peeled off, but still leaves a thin layer of backing that should be removed properly before installing new wall-coverings. Many of today’s wall-coverings are vinyl or vinyl coated so they are more difficult to remove using stripping solutions.

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